Is a Military School the right choice for my struggling teen?


Military Schools have long been considered for providing discipline, hard work, and teamwork, to struggling or unmotivated teens. Although after further review of military schools, it will be shown that military schools are effective in very few situations where the purpose for enrolment is to provide discipline and an atmosphere condusive for positive change.

Military Schools are typically privately owned and operated prep schools modeled after the United States military based colleges and universities, such as West Point.

Many of the similarities between military schools and U.S. military universities & colleges are: military vocabulary, military order and command, and military style teamwork. Military schools also prepare their cadets for careers in the military.  In this way military schools function more as trade schools than as effective options for struggling teens.

Typical Military Cadet

Although there are obviously cadets that donít fit the profile, most military school students are self -motivated, obedient, desire careers in the military (typically as officers), and are typically good students as well. Many Military Schools offer either boarding or stay at home enrolment. Most of the more reputable Military Schools have been established for long periods of time, So if your son fits the above profile and is looking to enroll at a ďTraditional Military SchoolĒ  it would be wise to find out how long the school has been in operation for. Furthermore most of these more reputable Military Schools are deeply rooted in tradition thus further enhancing the studentís learning and experience.

What Military School Canít Do!

Military Schools are not designed or effective for dealing with unmotivated, behaviorally defiant, or academically challenged adolescents. That is why most traditional Military Schools have an admissions process that is typically fairly difficult to get into. Military Schools lack the internal infrastructure and experience needed to work with such youths. Those seeking help for difficult teens should see Boot Camp Alternatives for more effective alternatives.

Important Warning!  Consumers Beware: 

There have propped up as of late many Military Schools looking to front as specialty boarding schools or residential treatment centers which are designed to deal exclusively for defiant teens, almost all of these organizations have been in business for a very short period of time and lack professional understanding of defiant teens and how to effectively deal with them but have opened in the hopes of attracting students in the pretense of a military school or boot camp, An acid test would be if the student has the aforementioned problems and you are promised results in such a Military School remember almost all reputable military schools have been in operation for a long period of time and will not take that kind of student as a cadet.  These organizations market as Military Schools due to the fact that in the general publicís perception Military Schools and Boot Camps are often thought of for this style discipline, even though Military Schools or Boot Camps havenít been designed for struggling teens and neither have the experience or infrastructure needed to promote long lasting change. Therefore, it may be prudent to view Effective Military School Alternatives.

Do Military schools work as an option to help troubled or struggling teens?

Military schools do take teens that are struggling in school, home, community - they are not really designed to handle teens with significant problems. Military schools can help out teens with some mild problems, however for most struggling juvenile delinquents a military school is not designed to help problem teens with significant problems.


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