Boot camps offer a short-term "wake up call/reality check", but it will not give you long-term solutions found in a behavior modification program.


Most troubled teens who are struggling with behavior, emotions and academic's will require a longer stay at a behavior modification program or Specialty Boarding School. Boot camps are not designed for long-term solutions were behavior modification programs offer long-term solutions and get to the root of problems. These boot camp alternatives offer an organized and structured environment where high standards exist, they participate in emotional growth and personal development and the teen will be academically challenged. These behavior modification programs and specialty boarding schools are specifically designed to help teens replace inappropriate attitudes, behaviors and habits with long term productive ones.

Drug Rehabs: Drug rehabs are for teens that have been using heavy drugs or have alcohol or drug addictions. Drug rehab is usually the most expensive option when considering a Boot Camp Alternative. Cost for a Drug Rehab will usually be between $20,000-$30,0000 for a Month.

Residentail Treatment Centers: Stay is usually between 3-12 months. The cost per a month is $5,000-$15,000 a month. Residnetial treatment centers are usually designed for Drug Related issues as well as teens that have emotional and require therapy.

Specialty Boarding Schools These schools are appealing to most parents because the cost ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 a month. Therapy can usually be added on if needed. Will these schools are similar to a Military School, they can are specifically geard to work with struggling teens. While most Military Schools will Zero Tolorance these type of students, Specialty boarding schools emphasize charachter education while implementing discipline, accountablity and structure.

Recommended Specialty Boarding Schools:

Ranch View SchoolBoarding School for boys ages 10-18 years old. Located just south of Phoenix. This is an at-will school which means that students must choose to go here. Most students prefer this school over lock down facilites and other internvention options.

US Youth Services Non-Profit specialty boarding school that works with teens struggling in their home, school or community. USYS is a secure facility, therapy services are optional. Located in Louisana.


D.I.Y. Home ProgramBoot Camp For Teen

Boot Camp for Teen was developed by Residential Treatment Center experts with decades of combined experience working with troubled teens.
Their goal? To help parents establish proper boundaries and discipline in the home so the type of professional help they offer might never be necessary.
As a result, this program introduces many of the same procedures and techniques effectively used in Teen Treatment Centers and Schools?adapted for use in the average home.

What's Included

  • Immediate access to 6 online videos, includes ebooks of each lesson
  • A physical DVD with the entire videos mailed directly to you
  • 6 supplemental workbooks
  • 15+ Home Contracts - Includes software and tutorials to create an effective behavioral contract for your teen.
  • Free Home Program App. App to Assign Chores, Pay Allowance, Add Points, Subtract Points & Discuss Issues.
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Did You Know That, in the next 30 days


Teens will run away from home


Teenage girls will become pregnant


Teens will use drugs


Teens will attempt suicide

Don't Become a Statistic

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