Boot Camp For Teen is a D.I.Y. (Do It Your Self) parenting program that gives you the tools to change Your Child's Behavior - Starting in Just 1 Hour!


Give us one hour and we will give you the tools to take back your child. That's a promise!


Complete Parenting ProgramBoot Camp For Teen

When you order Boot Camp for Teen, you get:

  • Immediate access to 6 online videos, includes ebooks of each lesson
  • A physical DVD with the entire videos mailed directly to you
  • 6 supplemental workbooks
  • 15+ Home Contracts - Includes software and tutorials to create an effective behavioral contract for your teen.
  • Free Home Program App. App to Assign Chores, Pay Allowance, Add Points, Subtract Points & Discuss Issues.

Bonus Gifts

Order today, and you'll also receive two Bonus E-Books:

  • Difficult Teens: Suggestions for Parents
  • Teen Drug Use: 34 Warning Signs
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Here's What's Included with the Boot Camp For Teen program.

Home Contractsto Take Control of Your Household

15+ Contracts to Help You Regain Control of Your Home...

  • Set Clear Boundaries & Guidelines
  • Negotiate Better Terms with your Child
  • Foster Communication and Respect

Behavioral Contracts have been used for years by both experts and parents to establish clear expectations on behavior. Outlining such expectations in writing and having both parties agree to the behavior expectations — along with any consequences or rewards attached to the performance of the agreement — can often be an effective way to negotiate new behavior changes or improvements.

You design a printable, personal contract online with your Teen through our Computer software. The software and tutorials provided show you, step-by-step, how to create an effective contract. The process is very easy and individualized for your Teen’s particular needs.

Learnthe Same Techniques Used by Pros

Boot Camp for Teen was developed by Residential Treatment Center experts with decades of combined experience working with troubled teens.

Their goal? To help parents establish proper boundaries and discipline in the home—so the type of professional help they offer might never be necessary.

As a result, this program introduces many of the same procedures and techniques effectively used in Teen Treatment Centers and Schools—adapted for use in the average home.

Imagine! Simply by using these same techniques, you can effectively bring about the impacting change you’ve been looking for!

Just as these professionals are able to retrain troubled youth, you can regain the love and respect of your own child.

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Home Program App to Assign Chores, Pay Allowance, Add Points, Subtract Points & Discuss Issues

Home Program was developed by Residential Treatment Center experts to help parents establish proper communication, boundaries and discipline in the Home. It utilizes many of the same processes and techniques that are effectively used in many Teen Treatment Centers and Schools only it has been adapted for Home use.

The App gives the Teen and their Parents an easy yet effective way to give teens rewards and consequences in order to maintain needed boundaries, discipline and motivation in the home.

  • Chores
  • Allowance
  • Manage Privileges
  • And & Subtract Points
  • Communicate

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Money Back GuaranteeBoot Camp For Teen Program

Backed up by a No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.. If you aren’t completely satisfied that the information in this program. Simply let us know. Just Provide Proof of Purchase, we will refund 100% of your money!

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Did You Know That, in the next 30 days


Teens will run away from home


Teenage girls will become pregnant


Teens will use drugs


Teens will attempt suicide

Don't Become a Statistic

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